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Where can I get a Medical Done in Far North Queensland?

Port Village Medical Centre
Mon-Fri - 07 4099 5043

Cairns 24 Hour Medical Centre
Mon-Sun (Daytime Hours Only)
07 4044 0444


Safety is the primary importance with Diving, and Medical conditions must be taken serious, as false information can lead to serious injury. We are happy to help with any questions or concerns. The following information is provided as a guide only.

Please read carefully, dive medical rules for Australia differ from many other Countries. Note specifically the new Body Mass Index (BMI) requirement.

Open Water Courses (Learn to Dive)
  • - Completion of a Medical declaration form is the only medical entry requirement (this is in line with most overseas countries) for those 45 years and under, a dive medical with a dive doctor specialist is no longer mandatory, exception for those situations listed below, please read carefully:
  • - For those over 45 years a medical with a dive doctor is required.
  • - For those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 30, or a waist size of over 102 centimeters for a male or over 88 centimeters for a female, a medical with a dive doctor is required.
  • - Where a pre-existing medical condition exists or a medical condition or issue is identified a full Australian Standards Dive Medical that is compliant with AS4005.1 prior to commencement of the course is required. This differs from most countries overseas, where a different medical is used. Unless the form states 4005.1 it cannot be accepted.
A copy of this form is available from Tech Dive Academy, or can be downloaded here. Medicals must not be completed any more than 90 days prior to the start of the course and must be in English. The cost of the medical is not included in the course cost. For anyone age 14 and under, we highly recommend having the medical done by your local Doctor prior to arrival.

Recreational Dive Courses A medical declaration form must be completed by the Customer. Staff will discuss your health and fitness for the activity with you. Changes in health since your dive certification, age or BMI may result in a Dive Medical being required. Existing medicals can be used for a period of 12 months from issue.

Certified Divers No medical forms are required, but you are required to state you are fit and healthy and there is no reason preventing you from diving, should your medical situation have changed since your dive certification or age or BMI issues apply, you may be required to complete a Diving Medical. Staff will discuss your health and fitness for the activity with you.

Technical Courses Due to the nature of a number of our technical programmes, a current dive medical (less than 12 months old) is a pre-entry requirement for ALL of these programmes, an AS2299 may be required in some cases. Please contact us for details of your specific programme.

Try Dive Programmes Discover Scuba Diving or Try Dive - A medical declaration form must be completed by the Customer. Staff will discuss your health and fitness for the activity with you. The same conditions for Learn to Dive Courses (above) apply.


 Medical Information

 Medical Declaration

 Australian Medical Forms

Typical Conditions

Some medical conditions may prevent you from diving, and require a full medical in any circumstance. These include, but are not limited to the following: Asthma (in the last 10 years),Respiratory conditions, Heart conditions Diabetes, Epilepsy, Pnuemothorax (collapsed lung),Ear surgery or a burst ear drum, Some Surgeries and BMI Requirements (See medical information sheet for information).


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